The Guitar Club Method is an inspiring guitar tuition book, beautifully and carefully designed to take the novice player through those early stages of learning.

Drawing on folk, blues, classical, rock and fingerstyle, the book celebrates many different styles and genres. It explores scales, chord rhythm playing, riffs, sight reading, power chords, blues shuffles, fingerstyle patterns and numerous other exercises and techniques to take the complete beginner on an exciting musical journey!

The book comes with a professionally recorded free audio download of 68 tracks that accompany the book. You can download this file below.


Perhaps you a guitar teacher tired of printing off random pages from the web for your lessons each week? Do you find that most of the tuition books available are often dry and predictable? Do you find these books introduce difficult, inappropriate techniques and skills too early?

Maybe you are a parent that is looking to teach your child how to play guitar and you need a method that has been tried and tested in schools and has proven to be very successful.

The Guitar Club Method is a tuition book with a difference. It is a step by step, progressive course from complete beginner through to a Grade 2 level in all the main grading systems (Trinity Rock and Pop, RGT/ LCM Acoustic/ Rockschool)

It is full of different techniques and skills- ranging from blues shuffles to fingerstyle picking, strumming patterns to sight reading.

Using tablature, chord charts and basic notation the book explores a wide variety of genres and styles of playing- keeping your pupils inspired and motivated.

The book comes with professionally recorded audio tracks (with click intros) to help and guide your pupils along the way.

“The Guitar Club Method has introduced my son to the art of making music on the guitar in a friendly and easy to understand way. He loves it”!

S. Talbot

“My children have made great progress and enjoy the lessons every week. They have learnt a good variety of different techniques and are keen to perform their pieces which is great for their confidence. Finn has loved playing on family camping trips around the campfire”.

C. Jordan

“Ben has really enjoyed his guitar lessons. I am so happy with his progress. Thank you for all your help and support over the last year.”

H. Evans

The FREE Audio Download

to accompany the book is available here

The Guitar Club Method is a perfect teaching resource for peripatetic tutors, but also for parents that already play and would like to teach their own children. It is suitable for all ages and offers a thorough foundation for anyone wishing to teach themselves guitar too.

The book has been tried and tested in schools and colleges by tutors over the last two years and has received positive reviews from parents, pupils and the tutors themselves.

Written by Rupert Horne, it draws on his wealth of experience and knowledge of what keeps pupils engaged and inspired. His guitar tuition business ( has been providing guitar tuition at schools and colleges in and around East and West Sussex since 2004.

“I love the books we use and am very proud of passing my grade 1 last year”.

William Bull

"I was really happy to pass my Grade 1 and 2 with distinctions”.

Lucas Nutbeem

The book is designed so that the teacher can accompany their pupils with chord progressions to any of the melodies. It also encourages the pupil to accompany the tutor, helping the student become a more rounded and confident musician.

The Guitar Club Method has proven to be a highly effective resource for teaching guitar to groups. It was originally conceived as a method primarily for this purpose. It offers a step-by-step approach with lots of exercises and pieces that encourage participation.

For those interested in improvisation, the book was compiled so that the pupils can see and understand the relationship between different scales and chord progressions.

What the book covers:

  • Reading tablature
  • Reading notation
  • Chords and rhythm studies
  • Strumming patterns
  • Fingerstyle techniques & solo pieces
  • Scales & arpeggios
  • Improvisation
  • Melody playing
  • Chord accompaniment
  • Rock & blues riffs
  • Power chords
  • Techniques & theory
  • Performance pieces
  • Tuning & chord reference chart
  • Free audio downloads to 68 tracks

Guitar Exams

Having guided many, many pupils through guitar exams over the last 15 years, the Guitar Club Method has been written, so as to cover all the main skills and techniques required to excel in all the main grading systems (Trinity, RGT/ LCM, Rockschool).

Discounts for peripatetic tutors teaching in schools

The Guitar Club Method (and accompanying practice diary) is available to buy on Amazon or here from this website.

If you are a tutor teaching in schools and are looking to buy more than 10 copies for your pupils, we can offer a discounted rate for each book. From experience parents are more than happy to pay for the book and would much prefer having one main teaching resource than different handouts each week that can be lost or damaged.

  • For 10 (or more) books the cost is £12.50 each (including postage), which is a saving of £2.49 on each book.
  • For 10 (or more) practice diaries the cost is £2.50 each (including postage), which is a saving of £1.49 on each book.

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